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Wherever cash moves....

Every single day, there are millions of Dollars, Pounds, Euros in form of bank notes and coins travelling on our streets. The cost of cash for our countries are billions per year. Cash handling can be cheaper and much more efficient.

Reduce your unnecessary cost of cash, improve security and efficiency and minimize your losses. Just ask AM Cash Competence how to achieve these goals.

Less cost - more profit

Solution Providers and Manufacturers

Profitable business growth in new market segments or additional regions requires excellent knowledge and experience. Investment in permanent staff before the strategy and milestones are in in place can be a costy exercise. Better to benefit from the long business experience of AM Cash Competence.



Supermarkets, department stores and all kinds of shops are well experienced in efficiency improvement. However, at the tills, they loose their profit. Still more than half of all goods are payed in cash at the till. Modern cash recycling machines reduce delays, eliminate mistakes and improve security for the staff.

Financial institutions

Banks, Savings Banks, Credit Unions and all financial institutions play a key role in the cash cycle. As they recycle most of the cash in circulation, it is essential for their business to use the best and most reliable cash management solutions in the market. Central bank's frameworks have to be strictly fulfilled and customers' trust must be maintained.

Cash Service Providers

Professional cash service providers suffer from enormous competitive pressure. Restructuring of internal cash management processes and implementation of well proven international standards improve efficiency, reduce rendundancies and enable more cash with cash.