The Cash Cycle
is not running smoothly any more.

Cash business is moving faster and faster from financial institutes to the retail segment. The cash cycle has a strong bypass in this segment and banks are pumped empty.

Completely re-newed  prozesses and solutions will be required.

What are the main challenges? Most of the cash professionals do not have sufficient experience with the new cash cycle so far.

  • Banks know how to manage their ATMs, but cash supply in retail is a new field.
  • CIT companies have many years of experience how to fill ATMs, but they are fresh in managing automated cash offices in shops.
  • Retailers know how to make money, but now consumers surprisingly want cash.
  • More and more consumers get their cash from the shops. If just 10% of them receive cash at the POS, more than 45.000 ATMs in Europe will be redundant.
  • Cash turnover in shops has to be counted in a cash center, before it will be credited to the shop’s account. Today, the earnings can be available on the account immediately after the balancing of the till. This requires smart and secure machines in the cash office.
  • Producers of cash handling solutions usually have no tailor-made solutions for retail. Most of them offer banking solutions, which are updraded and a painful trial and error process in the shops will follow.

We from AM Cash Competence

came along with the cash professionals and also with the most important producers of cash handling solutions for several decades. We know, what you need.

  • We know the WIN-WINs,
  • the people,
  • the workflows.
  • We have the sufficient network.

Our experience delivers immediate benefits and avoids expensive trial and error methods.

AM Cash Competence will support you:

  • If you are a producer: in design and marketing of the most appropriate solutions required.
  • If you are a financial institution: in the definition of the most sophisticated processes together with your retail customers.
  • If you are a retail company: in the selection of the most apprpriate solutions and the adequate partner bank.
  • If you are a CIT company or a cash center: in the implementation of the most cost saving workflows.

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